Who can become a holder of TBR?

An Individual or a Team who belongs to Tamil Community all over the Globe can become a Holder of TBR Or if the record happens within the geographical limitations of Tamil Nadu can become a holder of TBR

What is the Procedure to become a holder of TBR?

To become a Tamilan Book of Records holder you have to first become a member by registering your Email ID, Personal Details and fill in the Prescribed Application form in the Members Login Page and submit the same. The procedure is simple and we will help you to go about the job. All details that are called for should be answered to make the processing and registration easy and to avoid time delay. In case if you are a standard applicant you will get the reply within 30 working days and in case if you are a fast track applicant then you will receive the update from us in 5 working days. In the members login you will find a discussion board where in you could post all your queries and our records management team will update all your queries every now and then as per the norms.

What are the Various Methods of Application?

There are two methods of getting your application approved which are as follows:

  • Standard Application.
  • Fast Track Application.

In Standard Application Method the Processing time to accept your application before and after your record attempt will take 30 working days. The Standard Application is absolutely free. Incase if you choose the Fast Track Method the process time to review your documents before and after the record attempt will be done in 5 working days. The Cost of Fast Track Application is Rs.10,000.00. The process time could sometimes vary based on the nature of the record attempt. Tamilan Book of Records will keep you posted if your application does not approve along with the reasons. On acceptance of your application, you will be intimated through your e-mail with all the details pertaining along with the specific guidelines for your record that you want to set and the current record in the particular category.

What is Adjudication Service?

We give all successful record holders with record certification on the spot which is termed to be Adjudication. The procedure for this is quite simple; you need to choose Adjudication Service while submitting your application and pay Rs.25000.00 for the same. Adjudication Service can be opted at any point of time during your application process. In this case, Our Official adjudicator will witness your record attempt, review the documents, and inspect the event on the spot. The advantage is that you will get your results instantly. This method gets wide coverage and your success is immediately carried out by the media. Our official website will also carry an article of the proceedings. The Adjudication Fee does not include travel expenditure, food and accommodation.

How much would it cost to become a TBR Holder?

In General, there is no cost involved to become a holder of TBR. But Incase if an applicant requires to opt for Specific Services Offered by TBR then the applicant has to pay the necessary nominal fee.

When and Where Will the TBR Book Available?

TBR will not publish any annual book. TBR will publish books with all the achievements of tamil community once in every three years. All the Approved records by TBR will be available in the Official Website www.tamilanbookofrecords.com. Once the record is approved and uploaded in the website, we will send a certificate of appreciation for your achievement.

How can I contact TBR?

For any queries you can contact us to the following email: info@tamilanbookofrecords.com. Our records management team will revert within 7 working days for all mails.

Can we have a telephone conversation with the Records Management Team of TBR?

We don’t encourage telephone conversation at any point of time. If Necessary our team will contact the applicant. Only Email conversation is made official.

My Record is Not Found in the Official Website of TBR, What should I do?

In General all the records approved by TBR will be uploaded to the official website within 15 working days. Incase if the records are not uploaded you can send us a email with the details and it will be sorted out.

What is the Mode of Payment for Specific Priority Services of TBR?

Any type of payments for the Specific Priority Services of TBR or Products of TBR can be made online by logging to your membership and placing the order/services. If you have any problem in making the online payment you may contact info@tamilanbookofrecords.com.