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Tamilan Book Of Records

Tamilan Book of Records extends you a Warm Welcome!

Tamilan Book of Records is the window to the world that brings into view the achievements of the Tamilan spread across the Globe and keeps the flag flying high on the power of incredible performances that have happened and that will happen.

Tamilan Book of Records is both an exhibitor and motivator for the human feats of all Tamils and it is a treasury of accomplishments. We keep records of all great actions and sets forth to mentor performers to scale greater heights in their individual sphere of activities. Judicious methods are framed to applaud the special people and events to the global audience.

We extend full support to individual players and teams who aspire to set their identities head and shoulders above the motley crowd and stand apart in their Endeavour’s. Tamilan Book of Records provides certificates for the privileged record holders, which not only adds value to their achievements but also brings in glory and recognition for their formidable feats. The academy spurs the performers to set new records and surpass previous achievements. The academy actively conducts live performances, exhibits, reality shows on continuous basis. These are exclusive in nature and focuses on the great deeds of the Tamil people. Tamilan Book of Records was founded with the sole objective to motivate the feats of the Tamils, in India and around the globe, showcase their achievements to the world and encourage them with certification.